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Murray Family Farms

Box of Organic Cherries (Trio)

Box of Organic Cherries (Trio)

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Size 3 lb

Growing practices Organic

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We're featuring Murray Family Farm's favorite 3 cherry varieties right now in a cherry sampler! Murray Family Farm is one of the first farms that comes onto the scene with delicious organic cherries in CA. They put a lot of work into experimenting with unique varieties that grow well in their area, putting down a white tarp in the orchard rows for more reflective light onto the flowering trees, and pruning/thinning techniques.

The 5/23 box includes the following varieties:

  • 1lb Organic Arvin Glenn Cherries [Red]
  • 1lb Organic Brooks Cherries [Red] 
  • TBD

Grown in Bakersfield, CA. 

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