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Organic Goldfinger Bananas

Organic Goldfinger Bananas

Good Land Organics

Farming Practices Organic

Size 3 lb, 15-18 count

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Goldfinger bananas are fragrant and sweet and cold-tolerant enough to produce fruit near the coast of California! Lucky for us, our friends at Good Land Organic planted bananas as shade cover for their other crops and have a pretty small amount to offer. They are ripe and ready to eat when they are fully yellow color, and may have some black spots on the skin. They are sweet with a smooth flavor, and don’t brown as easily when cut. What a winter treat!!

Good Land Organics' unique microclimate allows them to grow a super duper limited amount of bananas and other (sub)tropical treats just a few hundred miles south of SF. 

Grown in Goleta, CA. 

*they will arrive ripe/almost ripe

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