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Hayward Kiwi Box

Hayward Kiwi Box

Four Sisters Farm

Farming Practices Sustainable

Size 4 lb, 18-22 count

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 At Four Sisters Farm, on a hillside near Monterey Bay, they’ve planted kiwis at the top, flowers in the middle, and greens down below. Jill says her parents started farming organically before it was ever “sexy and marketable.” After years of cultivation and compost amendments their farm is now proudly showing off almost 3 feet of fertile topsoil, compared to the 3 inches they started with.

Monterey County may be the land of strawberries and artichokes, but its climate is also perfect for these kiwi vines, nurtured by the gentler summer just miles in from the ocean. Jill harvests her kiwis later in the season which makes for a pretty special late winter treat. She’s got a good crop this year and we love supporting women farmers who are growing big commodities like kiwis on a smaller scale.

Grown in Aromas, CA. 

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