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Condor Ridge Ranch

Organic Sweet Granadilla Box

Organic Sweet Granadilla Box

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Size 3 lb, 14-16 pieces total

Growing practices Organic

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Passiflora ligularis is a yellow-orange oval shaped fruit that is commonly known as granadilla. It belongs in the same family as the more common purple passion fruit we're familiar with but is all sweet with no tartness! The smooth shell can be cracked almost like an egg when pressed firmly. It holds a gelatinous pocket made up of many edible seeds with a melon-like sweetness that's reminiscent of orange syrup. The lightly crunchy seeds are extra fun!

This tropical and floral fruit is grown by Jay Ruskey of Condor Ridge Ranch (formerly Good Land Organics). We're constantly discovering the fun fruits in his subtropical fruit-forest!

Grown in Goleta, CA

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