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Owari Satsuma Mandarin Box

Owari Satsuma Mandarin Box

The Flower Farm

Farming Practices Sustainable

Size 5 lb, ~12-20 ct

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There's something really special about mandarins grown in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The first citrus orchards planted in California are outside of Los Angeles but mandarin orchards in Placer County also go way back, over 125 years ago. We think of Placer County as the ultimate mandarin wonderland because there are some reeeeeeal tasty ones that come out of this area. 

John and Annie Bowler is the third family to takeover Flower Farm since it's establishment in 1905. Now, the Flower Farm has 6 acres of mandarins planted, less than an acre of Malbec grapes and many other fruit tree varieties. There's lots of small citrus farms like Flower Farm in Placer County and we're excited to support them this season and share the fruits of their labor! Though Flower Farm is not certified organic, they practice sustainable and organic farming practices. They farm with minimal inputs, and when they do have spray or utilize inputs, it's only with products that are certified organic. 

Grown in Loomis, CA

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