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Owari Satsuma Mandarin Box

Owari Satsuma Mandarin Box

Galpin Family Farms

Farming Practices Sustainable

Size 5 lb, ~12-20 ct

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First of the season Owari Satsumas from our friends at Galpin Family Farms to kick off mandarin season! Satsuma mandarins are alternate bearing trees which means some years there's a smaller crop and other years it's heavier. Lucky for us, this year is a nice, heavy crop of mandarins. They are looking and tasting delicious. These 50 year old trees are bearing sweet, juicy and delicious mandarins beginning of November and will keep getting sweeter throughout the season. 

Galpin Family Farms is not certified organic but Anthony Galpin has farmed sustainably for decades with care for the land, the trees, his family, and their community. They choose to prioritize transparency about their growing practices over certifications. Anthony's practices include mowing and digging for weed management, organic fertilizers and compost, and pheromone strips for pest management. If there's tenacious weeds like Bermuda grass that can't be wrangled during the summer, they'll use herbicides to spot-spray which amounts to 5% of their weed management. Anthony believes there's an art to flood irrigation and still practices this old method of irrigation to grow tasty fruit! 

Grown in Reedley, CA

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