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Half Flat of Organic Hachiya Persimmons (with T-stem)

Half Flat of Organic Hachiya Persimmons (with T-stem)

Free Spirit Farm

Farming Practices Organic

Size 4.5-5 lb, ~12 persimmons

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Hachiya persimmons are an astringent-type persimmons where you have to keep them on the counter and wait until they get balloon-like soft to eat them. By then, you’ll get a jelly-like aqueous texture flesh that’s honey-sweet with subtle notes of cinnamon and apricot. Like a warm pudding! 

Toby harvests persimmons at the perfect time. He knows when they’re ready and full of flavor. These Hachiyas are picked ripe but firm so they’re easy to peel  for hoshigaki and he’s left a little T-stem on them for easy hanging. Hoshigaki is a yearly ritual for us, a slow process of making the most special Japanese dried persimmon where you massage and air-dry them for weeks to break up the tannins and bring the sugars to the surface. 

Grown organically in Winters by Free Spirit Farm.

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