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Organic Cherimoya Box

Organic Cherimoya Box

Good Land Organics

Farming Practices Organic

Size 4 lb, 4-6 ct

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For the initiated, Cherimoya is a true delicacy. Its reptilian exterior gives way to a sweet and tropical custardy interior. The tropical flavors of Cherimoya are reminiscent of both pineapple and banana with notes of strawberry and papaya. The flesh is creamy and custardy which is why they’re also known as ‘Custard Apples.’ Leave the Cherimoyas at room temp on your counter to soften up. Once it gives with some pressure from the center of your thumb, we like to cut them in half and scoop the creamy flesh out with a spoon! Remove or dodge the big black seeds. And hot tip, our favorite way is to chill the soften Cherimoya before eating to resemble a custardy cold pudding!

Good Land Organics' unique microclimate allows them to grow cherimoya and other (sub)tropical treats just a few hundred miles south of SF. 

Grown in Goleta, CA. 

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