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Organic Kishu Mandarin Box

Organic Kishu Mandarin Box

Churchill Orchard

Farming Practices Organic

Size 3 lb, ~45-55 count

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Kishu mandarins are the cutest little mandarins. They are super easy to peel, revealing delicious little segments. They’re completely seedless, bright in flavor, and sweet with just a bit of acid as a backdrop to round out the flavor. They’re not easy to grow or harvest, as you can imagine, which helps explain their high cost.

Jim Churchill planted these Kishu mandarin trees two decades ago in Ojai. He tends to a total of 12 acres of tangerines, and Kishus make up just a small part of it. Churchill simply grows really really good fruit. The season for Kishus is just starting up now in January and we'll see it through February. 

Grown in Ojai, CA.

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