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Organic Passion Fruit Box

Organic Passion Fruit Box

Good Land Organics

Farming Practices Organic

Size 3-3.5 lb, 20-24 pieces total

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This purple passion fruit is grown organically along the beautiful CA coast. It's such a quintessential fall fruit for us as harvest starts up towards the end of September. The flavor of the pulp is super tropical, sweet, and tart with seeds that offer the best crunchy texture. We'll give you a mix of both smooth and wrinkly passion fruits so you have different stages of ripenesses to enjoy. Smooth skin passion fruit will be juicy but more tart. If you let it sit on the counter to get more mature and wrinkly, it'll be sweeter and the pulp will be more jelly-like. 

Grown organically by Good Land Organics in Goleta, CA

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