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Organic Tahoe Gold Mandarin Box

Organic Tahoe Gold Mandarin Box

Terra Firma Farms

Farming Practices Organic

Size 4.5-5 lb, ~12-20 ct

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Our friends at Terra Firma Farms grow some of the tastiest mandarins we've ever had. We love these so much! (Satsuma who?) These are a type of TDE mandarin: a hybrid cross between varieties Temple Tangor, Dancy and Encore mandarins. High sugars balanced with high acid, the flavor of Tahoe Golds is unmatched. Its slight pebbly skin (which makes them easy to peel) and deep vermillion hue make them a stunner too! Our friends at Terra Firma know we love them so much that we got a message as soon as they started harvesting. They do an amazing job with this orchard and the crop is small so the season will be short. We’ll be eating alllll the Tahoe Golds we can.

Grown in Winters, CA

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