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Ichigo Farms

Trio of Japanese Haruhi Strawberries

Trio of Japanese Haruhi Strawberries

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Size 3 half pints

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John Louie and his crew at Ichigo Farms have been trialing a few Japanese strawberry varietals that can't be found anywhere else in the US! We've been so lucky to be included in a few taste tests. The Haruhi variety is ready for sharing, but in extremely small quantities! This variety is super duper sweet with almost no acidity and EXTREMELY aromatic. It's so sweet smelling it kind of smells like...bubblegum?! 

John Louie is a 3rd generation, Japanese-American farmer who’s incorporating strawberries into his family's long-time flower farming operation. Ichigo Farms is growing local, winter strawberries in a greenhouse environment. They do use synthetic fertilizers, but we're supportive of their initiatives to implement more sustainable practices! This year, they've introduced beneficial insects to control pests, they capture and recycle all water and sanitize with UV light (powered by solar panels on the farm!), and grow in a coconut husk medium that is a by-product of the coconut water industry. We love supporting Ichigo!

Grown in Salinas, CA.

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